Deven and Lauren Couch Calendar 2017



deven langston lauren whitley couch calendar 2017
Deven and Lauren’s 2017 Wall Calendar.


Yes folks it’s back once again… the Deven and Lauren Couch Calendar, 2017 Edition!

Twelve brand-new photos mushed into a single calendar you can use to keep track of each and every day in 2017. Featuring Deven Langston and Lauren Whitley (soon-to-be Lauren Langston 🙂 ), each photo is themed for the month, and includes behind the scenes pictures showing the process. If you liked looking at us last year, you can probably stand another 12 months of it, right? Order yours today!

deven and lauren couch calendar 2017 preview

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × .2 cm


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